• Provide a standard of behavior regarding modesty, neatness, cleanliness, and appropriateness
  • Limit distractions, minimize classism, foster discipline, and build community
  • Promote a climate consistent with the school’s mission and schoolwide learning expectations

Pants/Capris/Knee Length Shorts

  • Solid Khaki, Navy, or Black
  • Corduroy, cotton/polyester blends, Twill (e.g. Dockers)
    • Cargo shorts & pants are acceptable
    • No denim (or jeans of any color) jeggings, leggings, lycra, spandex, or yoga type pants


  • If worn, must be solid White, Navy, Black, or Brown – no adornment, bling, or logos

Skirts/Jumpers/Skorts (girls only)

  • Solid Khaki, Navy, Black, or Kirk Plaid (Kirk Plaid available from Dennis Uniform in Portland)
    • Must have Navy, Black, Gray, or White tights or shorts underneath (leggings or lycra underneath OK)
    • No more than 2” above knee (test: when kneeling upright, a skirt should touch girl’s calves)

Polo Shirts

  • Solid White, Navy, or Black Polos (no logos)
  • Regular Polo style with buttons and collar (long or short sleeve)
    • Undershirts must be White, Navy, or Black; does not need to match Polo
    • Navy St. Mary circle logo T-shirts may be worn on Tuesdays

Socks (Students must wear socks)

  • Solid White, Navy, Black, Gray, or Brown (no logos)
  • Nylons/tights for girls are acceptable instead (White, Navy, or Black)


  • Most non-marking, closed toe type of shoes are acceptable
    • For safety we suggest: tennis shoes or other rubber-soled (non-marking) shoes with ties or Velcro
    • Heels should not exceed two inches.
    • Sandals and slipper-like footwear are not acceptable

Outerwear (worn over polo shirts)

  • Sweaters: Solid White, Navy, Black, or Gray (no logos)
    • Crew neck, V-neck, vest, or cardigan (no adornment or bling)
  • Sweatshirts: three choices, see below
    • Gray, Navy, or Black St. Mary logo sweatshirt
    • Gray, Dark Green, or Black Regis logo sweatshirt
    • 100% Gray, Navy, or Black plain sweatshirt – no logos or markings
    • Note: Names added to sweatshirts after screen-printing is limited to the child’s first and/or last name
  • Coats/Jackets: Any color/style is acceptable, logos are OK
    • Note: Cannot be worn in the classroom but can be worn outside on recess

General Rules

  • Except for St. Mary and Regis gear (and pants, shoes, & coats), there are to be no logos on any socks, shirts or outerwear
  • No scarves are allowed
  • Clothes should not be excessively tight (test: should be able to easily pinch an inch of fabric at stomach for shirts or thigh for pants – (and the pinched fabric stays away from the body – i.e. the fabric does not snap back into place against the leg or stomach)

Non-Uniform Dress Code – (also referred to with the misnomer “Free Dress”)

  • Most clothes are acceptable as long as they:
    • Do not have messages counter to our beliefs
    • Are not tight fitting (yoga pants, lycra, leggings, etc. are not allowed) – see above for pinch test
  • Are modest
    • Shirts must cover waistline
    • No sleeveless, tank, or spaghetti strap style dresses
    • Skirts and dresses should also be no more than 2” above knee
      • Test: when kneeling upright, skirt should touch girl’s calves
  • Heels exceeding two inches are not allowed

PE Uniforms

  • Grades K-4: One pair of non-marking tennis shoes
    • Note: If a child cannot tie their own shoelaces, we very strongly encourage Velcro shoes
  • Grades 5-8: In addition to shoes above, Navy gym shorts, St. Mary T-shirt in Navy with logo
    • Name on back optional – writing limited to student’s own first and/or last name
    • Can purchase at Stayton Sports (not required)
    • Sweatpants in Navy or Black (optional, not required)

Additional Notes

  • Hairstyles for all boys and girls are to be conservative, as is makeup and jewelry for girls
  • Boys’ hairstyles are to be off the collar and out of the eyes
  • Coloring of hair should be natural colors
  • No body piercing allowed except for girls’ ears (post earrings only)
  • Hats and other headwear that cover a majority of the head are not allowed (e.g. bandannas)
  • Visible undershirts must be solid and of uniform color (White, Navy, or Black)
  • If you order through Lands End, please mention the school’s code (900075664), so that we can receive a 3% donation on every order


*Last Updated December 1, 2015