Fr. Ed Coleman Fr. Ed Coleman: Fr. Ed became the Pastor for Immaculate Conception Parish in 2011. Prior to coming to Immaculate Conception, Fr. Ed was an the Pastor at St. James in Molalla.E-mail:
Associate Pastor
Fr. James Herrera: Fr. James joined Immaculate Conception as an Associate Pastor in 2013.
Rick Schindler: Mr. Schindler became the Principal at St. Mary Catholic School in 2005. He worked as a math teacher and school administrator in the Salem-Keizer School District prior to coming here. Mr. Schindler has taught overseas, community college, and at the University level. He has degrees from the University of Portland, Western Oregon University, and his administrative licensure from Portland State University.E-mail:
Jennifer Schumacher: Mrs. Schumacher was hired in the summer of 2007 and teaches in our preschool program. She worked for seven years in the early childhood program at Chemeketa Community College prior to St. Mary.E-mail:
Meghan Garsjo: Mrs. Garsjo started teaching kindergarten at St. Mary in 2009. She grew up in Astoria and graduated from Western Oregon University with a masters degree in early childhood education. She taught at St. Joseph Catholic School in Salem for eight years prior to coming here.E-mail:
Jacki Bailey: Mrs. Bailey started teaching at St. Mary in 2014 and currently teaches first grade. She is a Regis and St. Mary graduate and has degrees from Western Oregon University and the University of Portland. Mrs. Bailey taught in grades one through four in Albany prior to teaching at St. Mary.E-mail:
Mandi Bolduc: Mrs. Bolduc joined the faculty in 2012 and teaches first grade at St. Mary. Mandi grew up in Mount Angel and has an elementary teaching degree from Oregon State University.E-mail:
Debbi Murray: Mrs. Murray has taught at St. Mary School for over twenty years, about the last ten in 2nd grade. She earned her degree in education from Western Oregon University and has served in many capacities at the school.E-mail:
Kelly JoyceMrs. Joyce joined the school in 2011. She attended Catholic school in the Midwest growing up and graduated from the University of Montana in 2005 with a degree in Elementary Education. She completed a Masters program in 2013 in Curriculum and Instruction through Oregon State University.E-mail:
Sarah Woodley: Mrs. Woodley is the fourth grade teacher at St. Mary Catholic School. She has taught at St. Mary since 2005. She was born and raised in the area, graduating from St. Mary and Regis. Mrs. Woodley has a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University and a masters degree from George Fox University.E-mail:
Michaelene Larson: Mrs. Larson was hired as a part-time teacher in 2013 to instruct fourth grade language arts. This year, she will continue teaching language arts in fifth grade.  Mrs. Larson previously served as the language arts and social studies specialist for Grades 5-8 at St. Mary’s School in Albany. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Multnomah University. Mrs. Larson is certified in both language arts and social studies.E-mail:
Tiffany Tyler: Miss Tyler is a graduate from both St. Mary and Regis Catholic Schools . She attended Western Oregon University and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Elementary Education. Her continuing education took place through Benedictine University and she has a Master’s Degree in Reading Instruction. Miss Tyler has taught at St. Mary for over fifteen years and currently teaches fifth grade.E-mail:
Mary Barrett: Ms. Mary Barrett joined the St. Mary faculty in 2012-13.  Mary is our middle school language arts teaching specialist and 6th grade homeroom teacher.  She grew up in Pennsylvania and has education degrees from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania and Hofstra University in New York.  Mary taught high school English and Literature for seven years in Baltimore, Maryland prior to coming to St. Mary.E-mail:
Michelle Heuberger: Mrs. Heuberger started teaching at St. Mary in 2009. She is a 7th grade homeroom teacher and a science specialist. She taught middle and high school science prior to St. Mary. Mrs. Heuberger has a bachelors degree from Eastern Oregon University and a masters from Willamette University in Salem.E-mail:
DeAnne Stuckart: Mrs. Stuckart is our 8th grade homeroom teacher specializing in math. She is a St. Mary and Regis graduate and has Bachelors and Masters degrees from Western Oregon University. She has taught Religion, P.E., and Health as well as math and has been on the faculty for ten years.E-mail:
Jon Heuberger: Mr. Heuberger has taught at St. Mary School for over twenty years. He currently is teaching P.E. for every grade level. He is a Regis High School and Western Oregon University graduate. Mr. Heuberger is the school’s athletic director and he also coaches baseball for Regis High School.E-mail:
Rachel Clark: Mrs. Rachel Clark joined the St. Mary faculty as our music and choir teacher in 2012-13.  Mrs. Clark is originally from Albany and earned her education and music certification through Western Oregon University.  She taught music and preschool for a number of years prior to coming to St. Mary. Rachel also teaches our seventh grade social studies classes. “One of the best parts about my teaching position is that I have the opportunity to interact with nearly every student on our campus on a weekly basis.”E-mail:
Anna Boedigheimer: Miss Anna Boedigheimer joined the St. Mary faculty as our drama teacher in 2011.  Miss Boedigheimer grew up in Salem and received her performance and fine arts education through Marylhurst University in Portland. Anna also teaches at Regis Catholic High School. E-mail:
Mrs. Banning Donna Banning: Mrs. Banning began as our Office Manager in 2006. Mrs. Banning worked for over twenty years at State Farm Insurance Company. She has two grown children who are St. Mary Alumni.E-mail:
Stacey Silbernagel: Mrs. Silbernagel began working in our office in the Fall of 2013. Stacey graduated from St. Mary and Regis and has a degree from Chemeketa Community College.E-mail:
Business Manager
Debi O’Bryant: Mrs. O’Bryant began working as the school’s Communication Director at St. Mary in 2008 and took on the additional role of Business Manager in 2010.E-mail:
Brian Shawn: Mr. Shawn has worked as head maintenance at St. Mary for over ten years. He worked at St. Edwards in Keizer and St. Luke’s in Woodburn prior to coming here. He is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying hiking, camping, and fishing.E-mail:
Art Fromherz: Mr. Fromherz began working as our custodian in 2010.E-mail:
After School Care Program
Alyssa Ritchie: Miss Ritchie joined the St. Mary staff in the Fall of 2012.  She is currently in the early childhood program at Chemeketa Community College.E-mail:
Kitchen Staff
Patty Gassner: Mrs. Gassner is the head cook in the kitchen and has been here for about twenty years. She was raised in Mount Angel as the youngest of seven children. Mrs. Gassner is married with one grown child and one grandchild.E-mail:
Donna Kerr: Mrs. Kerr has worked at St. Mary in the kitchen for about ten years. She takes care of the variety bar and helps out wherever else she can.E-mail:
Alyssa Nussbaumer: Mrs. Nussbaumer started working in the kitchen in 2013.  She also helps out as an aide and in our after school care program.E-mail:
Instructional Aides
Kizzy Peters: Ms. Peters has been an instructional aide in since 2014. She is graduate of St. Mary and Regis High School and has training from Chemeketa Community College in its Early Childhood Program.E-mail:
Kathie Tyler: Mrs. Tyler retired from St. Mary in 2009 as fourth grade teacher after 25+ years of dedicated instruction. She returned in 2011 in a support role. She currently manages the school resource room for math and reading instructional support and also helps out in 5th grade.E-mail:
Selena Galindo: Miss Galindo began as a volunteer at St. Mary in 2009 and has worked as an instructional aide since 2010. She grew up in Sandy and graduated with a Master’s degree in School Psychology from Capella University. She has two children attending St. Mary and enjoys staying busy with them.E-mail:
Jani Etzel: Mrs. Etzel has worked at St. Mary as an Instructional Assistant for over ten years. She helps with Reading and Math as well as supervising in the cafeteria and on the playground.E-mail:
Joann Pech: This is Mrs. Pech’s eighth year at St. Mary. She is working as an Instructional Assistant and our library coordinator.E-mail: